Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy New year ! ;)

wow,,even though i'm not into celebrating new years,but in moscow the celebration here seems to be so cool ~! . the art of fireworks can be seen from my room ;D . no need to suffer going to the fireworks site its very cold out there.temperature below 10 .. O_0

the fireworks started at 12 ,and it ended about 2 and half hours later . wooo ! can you guys imagine how many fireworks they burned ? after battling counter strike with my gf ,zaki (hahaha),i slept with dignity (coz ,winning over zaki each match ;DD) at 2am last night,and of course i can't sleep,its war outside. -_- '''

now my eyes have dark circles like pandas.... (-_-)zZz

and guys , HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 ! ,may Allah make it easier for all your undertakings this year ! amiin.


nur aisya humaira said...

salam..hepy new year..
smoga thn ni memberi keindahan pde kte..:)

black paper said...

same goes here ;)

Zaki Anwar said...

kuang pro kot:Pulakkk

E.d.Y said...

happy new year from malaysia..:)

TheChekJah said...

comel tu mcm panda...

sekamar rindu said...


happy new year..2011,

follow ur blog...**67

black paper said...

haha,,ko mmg pro syg,,haha,,

thx edy ! ;D

yaa,if i have the fur,,

@sekamar rindu
wslm,yes,,thx following ;)
i'll follow u back ..