Monday, January 10, 2011

"warghhh" entry,hahahah !

yesterday ,once again i went for ice skating with friends (aziz <--- ice skating maniac ;DD), but this time, not at the place that i used to go . this place was more nearer to my hostel , and the rink was loooooooooooooooooooot better than the rink at the Gorki park,which there were holes everywhere ! O_o , and wasn't smooth at all ! . alhamdulillah, someone introduced me this place and all i can say about this rink was,its more conducive for skating ;) i reached there about 3.30 pm , and . .. warghh ! i have to line up to buy the ticket (the queue was so freaking long ) ,but by all mean necessary,we have to be patient right,that's the way of our beloved Prophet PBUH had told us to handle problems and afflictions . so , with biggest smile in the planet earth,i took a long breath then started to queue up ;) .

credit to farhana,nice snap,and also esther ,thanks for the cool editing ;)

good news : when i just stepped inside the rink, without any expectation,it seems to be, most of my good friends from other hostel (spartiv) were also there ! warghh, i'm soo happy and excited ,because long time no seee bhai ! since we were on our mid semester break right now,so we don't get a chance to hang out together like we used to be. for your information, my hostel and their were a little bit far.2nd good news was , i've already owned the backward strokes skill (skating backward) ,,alhamdulillah,after a lot of effort, i succeed ;)

bad news : ;( i fell down , and sprained my wrist . it was sooo painful and hurt sooo much ,it started to swell few hours later . may Allah make this accident to be the kafarah for any sins that i've done in the past time also in the future .

amiin . (but if i think this way,it'll be a good news ;) right ?) its good to be positive ;Di've been advised by someone soon i reached my hostel,the sms goes like this "salam,after this,before you go to sleep,don't forget to bandage your wrist,put minyak panas on it because it'll super swell after this,salam B-)".

thanks for your consideration .i appreciate it so much . ;))


akmall said...

get well soon...the sooner the better... eat medicine..hahaha...

Sunah Mohammad said...

ouh, nice editing la gambor tu~

shahirahkhairudin said...

aha betul.. tegolek teguling macam mana pun, mesti positif..

aaa.. baca dari atas sampai bawah, tertarik dengan sms tu.. sweet :)


|| amira || said...

wow , it'll be soo coolio if i can go for ice-skating . it looks good !

nice picture above :)

black paper said...

haha,,funny,,thanks ;D

@sunah mohammad
yaa,nice kan ;)

hehe,,thnks for the up till down reading, ;)) yup,so sweet ;D

coolio is a cool word ;D

akmall said... is funny...but better not to laugh...because you will scream in pain...hahahah.

_luVy*dUcky_ said...

npe sntp ngn cipa???

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

gambar tu cantik..
nakk jugak laa

kiwi said...

smoga cpt sembuh...
best ke ice skating??
sy x pernh try..
tkot jatuh ^^

CNEN AFI (dream chaser) said...

ohh..sound really interesting.
anyway, about ur small accident> no pain, no gain, rite?:)

JP Nurul said...

sangat2 cantekk picture 2...nice editing...^_^

salam kenal...

►AdamXis◄ said...

Huhuhu, keciannya...semoga cepat regarding ur nuffnang problem b4, how was it?...bak2 login nie biasa user-pc problem...firewall, date silap ke...login ussually uses ssl(https://) type webpage...

sissyira said...


wah..jatuh cinta kat picture tu...

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

wow...nice edited
bravo bro


Sebab Mengapa HARIMAU MALAYA Tidak Boleh Ditukar Kepada HARIMAU MALAYSIA !!

akiN aMar said...

wah.bestnyer main ice skating..
akin slalo main dekat sunway pyramid mmg best kan3!hee^^

JIJI YU said...

muahah..dulu amse dok egypt aku amen gak bnda ni..salu jer jatoh dtimpa member

nur aisya humaira said...

syoknye main ice skating...teringin laa plak...:)

_luVy*dUcky_ said...

cipa tagged awk tau..

iris said...

alololo ciannyer akk tgk nape leh jatuh???? selain minyak panas... akk sarankan tumbuk black pepper (id ko black paper tp x pe cam black pepper gak la kan..)salam dari cheras, malaysia

d_LA said...

wahhh bestnye beliau men ice skating...tgn dah oke ke blom tu?

black paper said...

haha,, ;D

@luvy ducky
just jokking la ;)

@anisa hang tuah
you want one ? let me ask my friend to do the editing ,,hehe

insyaAllah,thanks,best,you must try it once in a lifetime .

yup,that's so true ;)

@jp nurul
thanks ok ;) credit to esther my friend.

em,i'll try it out.thanks for the tutorial.

hehe,,please do,, ;D

@princess momoy
love the entries ;)

@akin amar
yup,best ,sunway also best ! ;DD

@jiji yu
mmg sakit kalo telangga org ,adess,,

@nur aisya humaira
jom la ;)

haha,,seems that you're mimicking me,,haha

still not recover yet ,insyaAllah,it'll. hehe,,thnks ;)

si para para said...

tu la..main salji x ingat orang kat mesia ni.hahaha

black paper said...

@para para
comment yang membina ;)

L@dykiki said...

salam singgah!!!