Thursday, December 30, 2010


CONGRATULATION to malaysian football team !! Harimau Malaya gempakKK!. winning over indonesia by 4 - 2. the first league was more worth watching than the second one . i'm little bit disappointed when malaysia playing defensive ! .they are sucks in defends ,in contrary,they look like real tiger when playing counter,magnificent ! . anyway ,i'm still proud to be one of your fans !! Safee, you are superb ! Saha,you also deserve the credit , and the best goes to the keeper, Fahmi ,maintain cool bro ! we always support you !

to Harimau Malaya ,please maintain being superb ! don't disappoint us like you used to be ~ haha.

p/s : i was hopping,after this aff cup ,malaysia and indonesia become best friend ~ ;)


amar said...

kau tengok online ke?

black paper said...

yuppp!! ..
sini internet laju bangat !