Friday, June 24, 2011

how long did i slept ?

just now,my friend asked me, 'aziz,did you already stop from blogging? ',,haha,not really,i'm just being busy with all the tests and finals stuff.guys,there were lot of things had happened all this while,and one of the best things was, i found back my
lost ring . alhamdulillah ;)

the exam almost at the end, last paper which i have to sit is physics and it will be on 28th of June,please make du'a for me and my friends so Allah eases us.

we will depart from here to Malaysia on the 1st of July , at about 0040 o'clock . may our journey safe and be blessed from Allah ta'ala.


p/s:miss my loyal readers <3 , sorry for stop writing for so long .