Saturday, January 8, 2011

blOglist blOgger 2011

whats about this entry ? , lets find out ! ;) actually,i just join a segment created by cik diana. if you guys want to joint , feel free to click this link to her blog.

first step done,
2nd also done,
here's the 3rd ,4th till 6th.

my real name is abdul aziz bin abdul rahim . staying at JB ,now studying medicine at russia,I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University . i'm the 5th in my siblings ,and i'm blessed by having a lovely family .

ok,now about this header, the picture was taken last year at kedah when i was on da'wah program. it was snapped right after finished performing jumaat prayer . from left,Luqman (my cousin which is a hafiz that already memorized 30 juz of al Quran), shukri (my friend at matriculation college), me , and Luqman's friend,ariffin(he studying 'alim at madrasah) .

about the name of my blog, i don't remember how i got it . hehe ,sorry . but it means, one who spreads malicious gossip. i put this name because, people tends to read bad gossip ,haha , so many will visit my blog.insyaAllah. ;)

Sunah Mohammad
brother Ben


Idayu Suraya said...

sejuk mata tengok anak muda di tangga masjid =)

New Interesting Manuscripts said...

to be honest ...this is one of the interesting blog i have ever seen in my life..not that i am making exaggeration but it is. this is one of the kind that i like about blogging... tell other people about our story...

it must be great time in russia, yes?... can i give you suggestions?..
maybe you could make a segment by learning Russian Language... if you having is....I would be the first one to learn it...

thank you.

NuSaNa NoSa 91 said...

wooo~ hebat.. sape yg snap pic tuh?? =.=

Cik Diana said...

wah! jOin sudah..
thanks 4 jOin this segment..
thanks jgk sharing stOry abOut ur header..
[ yg saudara bens cari.. ;) ]

diela said...

nice blog..jrg sgt jmpa bdk laki yg ska tulis blog trutama yg bkaitan ngan diri sndri..
besanyer pompuan jer yg ska sbb pompuan ska tulis diary kn..
apa2 pon all the best

Encik Tikus said...

sempoi derr =D

black paper said...

@Idayu Suraya

@New Interesting Manuscripts
thanks for the compliment ;D

@NuSaNa NoSa 91
i'm not sure,since it was taken last 2 years .sorry,but i can tell you,it was take with from my handphone . ;)

@Cik Diana
hehe,welcome. ;)

haha,is that so,thanks for the wish ;)

black paper said...

thanks ;)

Sunah Mohammad said...

ouh, yang ni ke? thanks for tagging me~ :)

Sunah Mohammad said...

okie~ da join~ jenguk entry baru ye, doc~

husna said...

thanx tag :)
header blog ni mmg cantek. sy suka .hee

Ummi AmnaAmzar said...

assalam..kenal x ngn yusof subhi? org penang, belajar medic gak..dia dah kawin..

nelly said...

gud luck ~

black paper said...

@ummi amnaamzar
i'm afraid not ,
because i'm still junior here,and our hostels are not located at the same place.sorry.

Ummi AmnaAmzar said...

its ok..just asking..tq follow ummi's blog..heee

black paper said...

welcome ;)

Ummi Hanie said...

salam...woh karkun2 mude neh ! baguss2....zmn skrg ni susah nk jumpe ank2 mude terlibat kerje2 dakwah gini...keep it up k ! ;)

black paper said...

n thx for the support ummi hanie,,

the triplets said...

nice blog, dah follow, jom change link

black paper said...

thanks for following ;)

Che Sakinah said...

slm.. nice knowing that there still brother like you to keep stand fast on deen, while to see so many people that went to study abroad and easily got influenced with unhealthy environment over there, it so worrying.
keep your faith strong ya!:)
may Allah always protect u n
make everything easy for u. ameen.

Ukhuah fillah from UIA, Gombak, Malaysia. :)

black paper said...

@che sakinah
thanks for the wish.and please make du'a for the this weak servant of Allah,may ALlah bless you with the greatest blessings ;)

sissyira said...


sama samalah kita memeriahkan bloglist cik diana ye

follow ur blog :D

|| amira || said...

thanx following me , Mr Doc .
i'm following you too .
hehe ^_^

goodluck to you yeah !

how was moscow ?