Thursday, January 6, 2011

new Russian friends ! ;D

it seems that friends win when it comes to battle with sleep (regarding to the previous entry). ;) i accompanied my friend yesterday,and taught him a little bit on how to ice skate (wow,sounds like a pro) . haha,i also sucks in ice skating.i improved my skills by watching how the russian skates. wow,they're really good man, yaa, what else to be expected right? living in the 4 seasons country,not so weird if they're really pros.but if malaysians are good in ice skating,then it would be awesome ! ;D in winter,it's hard to see a sunshine ,because it's cloudy all the time . fortunately,today and last 3 days,the weather are sooo nice,bright and sunny, such a perfect time to take a stroll ;)

yaa,yesterday,i met new russian friends at Gorki

park.then,they asked me to celebrate new year with of them took out a bottle of beer and started to
distributed cups to each one of us. 0_o . . . .

i said :

"NIEET ! , ya ne piyosh eto" means " no,i don't drink that"

haha,they don't understand why i refused to

drink,for them ,its just a i saw they got a coke in their bag,quickly i responded :
"coke will be fine".

alhamdulillah,i'm glad they had a coke,because it's really hard to emphasize them that i can't drink beer or liquor and sort of.finally,not all russians are racist.some of them are nice,they act like that just because they don't understand our religion. privet Russia !

here are some photos taken yesterday,sorry,its a bit blur.(i really need to change my phone -_-).


Mr. BLB said...

teringin nak gi russia.

salam dari Malaysia;)

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

teringinnye nak rasa suasana negara luar
bestnye awak.

black paper said...

@Mr. BLB
wa'alaikum salam wrb . ;)

@Anisa Hang Tuah
insyaAllah,one day u'll experience visiting outside country,ur honeymoon maybe,, ;D

Zaki Anwar said...

shoot....2nd tyme eden miss...T.T

nur aisya humaira said...

terrer ckp russia laa ni...wow2,hebat laa...ajar skit..:)

black paper said...

wait until u finish ur latin test ok,,i'm just being u reminder ~

@nur aisya humaira
keh3,,xde la sampai terrer,,
stakat cakap "xnak" tu boley la,,
nak aja skit2 leh,,no prob

Sunah Mohammad said...

kena kuat iman ek kat sana..huhu..moga dalam peliharaanNya sentiasa~

black paper said...

make du'a for me ok ,, ;)

Sunah Mohammad said...


black paper said...

@sunah Mohammad
thx ;)


i'm so jealous, wanna go thereeeeee!!!!!!!!

black paper said...

@nazrul azat
insyaAllah,someday u'll be here,, ;)