Saturday, March 5, 2011

oh anatomy ;D

last Thursday was my human anatomy test, this subject is the most coolest subject we have for the first year . the test consist of 2 types, writing and oral test, for writing, its divided to 2 sections, which were MCQ (objective questions) and essay questions regarding to the topic we recently learned . same goes to oral test, its also divided to 2 kinds, pointing and topography brief explanation .

alhamdulillah, i had already finished both for the writing test , and pointing for oral test .
now, i'll have one test more to go , oral test for topography of human organs (digestive system) , and it'll be next week insyaAllah . don't forget to make du'a for this weak slave of Allah , and may ALlah grant all your du'a and bless you all for addition ;)

this video below was recorded during my last anatomy class . do hear the lecturer's explanation ,and you will have the chance to experience how difficult for me to understand their teaching . haha ;D