Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've finished my final exam for semester 1,,
eventhough i felt relieved,
there's something that bothered my 'relieveness'(can i use this word?),,

vehemently i wanted to express what I'm feeling right now,
I'm afraid for this up coming result as i didn't do well in past exam,,
especially in math,,guys,please make DOA for me,so my result
will not be beyond worst,,

am i in right position to blame the question that were sooo difficult,
not suitable for matriculation students,,?
i guest not,,,rather than i keep blaming the question,its better i gain more spirit for this next semester right??


Friday, October 16, 2009

wake up 'fingers'

wuaaahh (yawn),,

after resting from blogging for a few month,,
seriously,no time for this stuff,,

this morning,i just took my biology paper 1,,
alhamdulillah,the question not too tricky,

not like math and chemistry,,
i cant see any light (hope) when answering both of the papers,,

next week ,i'll sit for the 2nd paper of biology,,
so much i need to memorize right now,,
since thats the problem,i should stop here,

mau hapal bio,,bye2..

wish me luck guys,,

Monday, June 15, 2009

kehidupan di matrikulasi

melaka matriculation college,,

everything is rushing..

no time to relax,,
no time 4 laughing,,
no time 4 sms...

no time for ym,,
no time 4 blogging,,,

the worst is,no time to sleep,,

Monday, May 4, 2009


Saturday, May 2, 2009

barangku sayang !

all the stuffs below,I'll bring them wherever i go,,even to the toilet,,(wuahaha !!,,kiddin2'),aziz will always make sure that,all of them,in his bag before going somewhere !

ok,pes(first,org Jawa) one is,my kopiah !

1.5,my wallet,,(thx nad,for reminding me yg atok ni)

second,my precious,watch,and The Lord Of Two Rings

3rd,my luvly PSP and its cute key-chain

4th,my digital Quran ,so handsome right?haha

5th,handphone,cause,my hand cannot stay calm,mesti mau picit2,,

6th,for the hair,GATSBY,hard,,wuh,,

and last but not least,my hair spray !!,,eh,jap2,silap,,

lastly,my GATSBY hair spray,super HARD maa!

we are happy family,,
(do you realise,the ridsect also want its picture 2 be taken,)haha,,

i LoVe u guys ! ,said aziz to his stuffs , ;)

Friday, May 1, 2009

for my best buddies,,

just for both of u
Nur Amirah

If I could catch a rainbow

I would do it just for you.
And share with you it's beauty
On the days you're feeling blue.
If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own.
A place to find serenity
A place to be alone.
If I could take your troubles
I would toss them in the sea.
But all these things I'm finding
are impossible for me,
I cannot build a mountain
Or catch a rainbow fair
But let me be...what I know best,
a friend that's always there.

I feel like I've known you guys forever,,although I only met both of you sometime this past year,,but our friendship will remain forever,,no matter what shall cross our paths and hearts,,the best thing that's happened to me,Is finding a forever friend like you guys,,you're there to listen, help, and talk to,,and best of all, I know I can confide in both of you,,

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hantu ........~

wuuuuu ~..

yeahh,,ghost,,i wanted to share some of my ghost story,,

this entry is 100% about me,,

the entry's title is actually pointing on me,because,I'm hantu ais kem and hantu coklet,,

i love ice cream soo much,,eating a lot of ice cream did make mutation occurred in my body,,now,no 'nyilu2' feel on my teeth if i eat them,,was it can be categorized as an improvement?,,
below this is a picture of world biggest ice cream made in china,,
giler kentang tol ,, i wish i can sleep on top of it,,aaahh~

about coklet plak,,if it is cadburry,i can finished the whole bar only in one day,,favourite are cadburry black forest,and hazel nuts,feroro roshei (camne tah spelling die,makan jek tau)and too many more,,huahua!,,sometimes,i felt 'ahak2' at my trachea (hahaha) as the choc was sooo sweet,,

for long journey,I'll buy 3 to 5 packets of NIPS,,non stop crunchyy,,

lastly,,for the end of this entry

i hope,i still have all my teeth in the future when they're someone will call me 'atok'

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

yM the KiLLER !

wuhh,,ym was the killer number one of my free time,,but,ym also killed my boring day,,this picture was taken when my online friends were 52/52,,
huhh !,,haha


previously,i used to online until midnight,,sometimes,i didn't sleep until morning,,duhh,,
and the next day,I'll finished my day with sleeping,,haha,,

but now,i'll sleep earlier,because,i wanted to train myself ,to keep away the unhealthy habits,,huhu,,

p/s: some of my friends' pic was blacken for some reason

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

jom,,i wanna share my lil knowledge with u guys,,

do you know,when you take a complete care of your 5 fardhu prayers,Allah promised you something valuable,more than this world,,

complete care means,you
perform the prayers punctually,,

and for men,of course you have to do more,and that was,performing your fardhu prayers at mosque where adzan was called with congregation,,

Allah promised to give us 5 assurances for those care a lot about these 5 prayers :

  1. Allah will put barakah in our sustenance
  2. the punishment of grave will be uplifted
  3. the book of amal will be given to the owner by right hand (sign of paradise's member)
  4. pass the Sirot's bridge as fast as lightning (the bridge was thin like a hair that was cut into 7 pieces)
  5. enter the paradise without any account
hope you guys understand the thing i tried to convey,,if you have any question,just ask me,
i'll try my best to give it a shot,,


Monday, April 27, 2009

my beloved ABBU

abbu's (my dad) face showed that he was in a very painful condition,,and i hate to see that kind of face..
he have been in this condition before,but it was long time ago,,now,
the pain on his back came back,,
im so sad and worried,,

just now,i sent him to the hospital,he got x-rayed,,the doctor said that,he suffered sever backage,,
this happened because last time,he tried to move one big pots,,i felt sooo guilty,i keep repeating the same question to myself,,the question was,why I'm not there when abbu tried to move the pots??,,,,,he suffered the pain again because,he carried his heavy bag at the airport,,now,its been 3 days he was in painful,,i cant look at his face,,

i love abbu very much,,so,who ever read this entry,please make doa for him,so he will recover
quickly,,thanks for your pray,,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

sneeze and sneeze again

haaachhUuuUm !!

now,I'm catching a flu,,flu and fever are like 'security guards' in my life because,when my fever almost gone,now,flu came to take shift,,haha,,adduiii,,non-stop sneezing,,I'm tired of it,,my stomach
almost cramp cause of it,,I've took clariness,hope it works,,
i ate nasi lemak with sambal udang for my lunch today,,it was soo spicy,The Jelly Monster
inside my nose was so angry,she wanted to come out,,argghhh,,so uncomfortableee,, !!

Friday, April 24, 2009

hari ini hari jumaat

my phone's alarm woke me up at 5.00am,,it was very annoying,my hand wanted to turn the alarm off,my body wanted to sleep back,but,as a muslim,i have a responsibility to perform subuh prayer at the mosque/surau,i forced myself to wake up and i sat for a moment just like always,,
while sat,i recited 'alhamdulillah hillazi ahya na ba'dama amaatana wa ilaihinnusyur',,thanking Allah
for giving me more chance to breath and stand on this earth to worship Him,,

in still mamai2,i heard pak imam reciting al-fatihah,waaaarghh !! I'm late,i don't realised that I've slept while sitting on my bed,,then,quickly when to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took wudhuk,,i ran to the mosque/surau,huh,alhamdulillah,i still can catch up,the jamaah still in first rakaat,because,on jumaat,the recitation was longer than usual(jumaat,imam will recite surah as-Sajadah on first rakaat),

finished solat,i when back home,woke my ummi up,and when straight to the kitchen,make a cup off
nescaffe,,aahhhh,,so refreshing,,
i hoped,today will be greater than yesterday ,, !

Thursday, April 23, 2009

aku semalam dan hari ni

hermm..yesterday,my body not feeling so well,,my ummi told me to take
2 tablets of paracetamol,and i took it,,then,about 11pm to 12pm,,all parts of my body
start to sengal2,,and that including my skin,,it used to happen,when I'm starting to catch a
fever,my skin cannot be touch,even wind blow can make my skin hurts,,strange isn't it??
i told my teman tapi mesra ( ;DDD ) bout my condition,she gave me advices,and that were,

1.go sleep ,sleep early
2.get enough rest
3.don't always stay up until midnight

and before sleep,i took 2 tablets of paracetamol like ummi told me to do so,then i slept besides
ummi,,(my abbu was at peninsular at that time,so,i accompany ummi)

and today,I'm feeling much better,,thanks for ummi that take a lot care of me,,and also my teman tapi mesra for the advices,,haha,,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


must read scandalmonger :

arghhh !!,,people nowadays have no manners at all !!,,how come?!,,

previously,zaman nenek moyang kite,they do respect each other,,kids will give respect to their parents,lil brothers/sisters will respect to their older brothers/sisters,,at school,standard one student called 'abang or akak' to the upper standard,,

now so called millennium century,do u realised,student in standard 2,3 just use 'aku and ko' when they're having any conversation to other people that beyond their own age,,i really cant accept this,,i don't know,where the old days' good manner disappear??,,i used to hear the story about 'kids being rude to their parents',,
is this supposed to be happen,??,,is it because their parents fault,or the children's fault,the environment's faults?,,herm,I'm not here to judge anyone,,


Narrated Abu Huraira ra.:

A man came to Allah's Apostle and said, "O Allah's Apostle! Who is more entitled to be treated with the best companionship by me?" The Prophet SAW said, "Your mother." The man said. "Who is next?" The Prophet SAW said, "Your mother." The man further said, "Who is next?" The Prophet SAW said, "Your mother." The man asked for the fourth time, "Who is next?" The Prophet SAW said, "Your father. "

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet SAW used to say, "O Muslim ladies! A neighbours should not look down upon the present of her neighbours even it were the hooves of a sheep."

these are some pieces of article about manners, I've read that i wanted to share :

  • Speak highly of your parents and show respect for them, even if you don't always feel that way. If you can't, avoid speaking about them at all. It's tacky to insult those who brought you into this world or raised you. Don't air family dirty laundry: it's tacky and rude.
  • Do not swear or use filthy language. It's unprofessional! People doing this are usually very immature and lack self-control or respect for themselves and others! Curse words not appropriate and you'll begin to feel more comfortable avoiding them. Profanity indicates an angry person and it puts people off immediately as it's distasteful and offensive. Using decent vocabulary gives the impression of intelligence, self-respect and character.