Tuesday, January 11, 2011

lupe letak title tadi,,hahhaa !

i was tagged by Nurul Amira Mashuri ,full name bhai ;D first glimpse, i'm like ,wooo,very long entry ,then after usha slowly, haha, i found it very catchy and funny . so, to fill my leisure time during winter break,i would love to join this segment . here it is :

Full-name : 'Abdul 'Aziz Bin 'Abdul Rahim

Date-of-birth : 3rd of July 1991

Age : 20 years old this year (dah xmain belasan lagi ;D )

Married :
not yet, but already have prospective wife ,hua hua hua.

Zodiac : Cancer

Foot-size : my foot is extraordinary, it's long and wide (but not like kangaroo alright).

Weight : 66 kilograms

Height : last time i measured was last year,it was 176 cm, this year still didn't measure it yet.

Nickname : Aziz/ziz/maulana/MCR -friends , ajis/syg/adul/baby/behya (urdhu language for brother) - family.

High-school : since i moved a lot, there were 3 high schools i've been at, Sek.Men.Agama Rompin (F1-F1/2) ,Sek.Men.Keb.Rompin (F1/2-F2),Sek.Men.Bandar Baru UDA (F3-F5)

College/university : i studied at malacca matriculation college for PST (09/10),and currently studying at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical Academy .

Last-thing-I've-just-did :
snap a picture for this entry as it requested to do so.

My-room-condition : cold yet comfortable.

Having-a-relationship ? For-many-times ? : few times when i was at high school (hormone still not balance that time,gatal x agak).last having it is in Form 4.

Take Your Own Picture Now and Don't Edit

just woke up and finished performing Fajr prayer with room mate.
was taken at 8.58 a.m (here,fajr at 7.oo am)

About others

Name-of-your-gf/bf-right-now : don't have any.

Name-of-the-person-you-miss-the-most-right-now : ummi, abbi, and all my siblings. ;(

Name-of-the-person-you-hate-the-most : none

Name-of-the-last-person-you've-hurt : Kucai, i promised him to give my waffle biscuits, but i forgot,then the time i remembered again, he already bought it by himself. sorry Kucai.

Name-of-your-pet : Coral (R.I.P)

About Myself

Pernah korek hidung ? : one of my hobbies . hahaha

Pernah baca mesej pastu senyum/gelak sorang-sorang ? : yup,of course . ;)

Pernah gayut sampai tertido ? : yes, when i was in form 3,soo in love and my life full of craziness . i'm on the phone till i heard Fajr's azan.(during that time,i accidentally slept a few times)

Pernah kentut di khalayak ramai ? : one thing about me, i think farting is a big issue,and i don't fart in public, usually,i'll go to the toilet or outside the room (but when there're no one around . . . .hahhaa ;D)

Pernah tidur dalam kelas ? : yup ! very frequent . especially at matriculation college.

Pernah pukul orang ? : erm, better not to answer this question. hehe. long time ago,i'm little but crazy.

Pernah nanges depan awek/pakwe ? :nope

Pernah kena birthday prank ? : used to.

First time

Kena marah : i don't remember , but i can say that,my feeling must be super CHUAK , ;D

Duduk jauh dari family : at matriculation college. alhamdulillah, everything were fine, they used to pay a visit .

Tengok wayang : i think when i was in standard 6,after got my UPSR results, the movie was Finding Nemo. ;)

Ponteng kelas : used to ,but i skipped my class to hang out with my family. haha ;D

Jatuh cinta : lembik lutot.

Accident : minor,many times. but for the serious one when i was in form 4 . alhamdulillah i'm still alive,my bike was broken into pieces . O_0 .

tag 4

next time,i'll take you guys ok ;)

thx for spending your precious time reading this entry ;)


Mr. Swift said...

Hey singgah sini dan polo anda sebab simple je blog ni, and ohh nice header. Haha. :)

Psst : Bloggis Comel Buat Perkara Tak Patut Jangan Tiru!

Anisa Hang Tuah said...


ahaha.terpanah dek pandangan arjuna

black paper said...

@mr .swift
heyp,,thanks polo ,, polo you back ;)

@anisa hang tuah
jazakAllah ;) malu le,,,haha

::nuRuLaDHar:: said...

wahhh hahahaa =)

Farah said...

Hik . Yang ini kelakar dan menarik juga . Macam Amira =]

CNEN AFI (dream chaser) said...

ohh..adik lah kamu ni..ingatkan udah tua. opss..anyway, nice to know u.

payeen said...

nak tengok gamba je senaye.


husna said...

muka suci lepas smayang.hihi

khayla fadwah said...

dlu blaja kt rompin pahang ke?

kiwi said...

r sure ur foot not like kanggaroo..haha =p
kiddin..bndr bru uda 2 kt jhor ke??

diela said...

tetiba rsa nk wat gak cam kmu buat ni..xpa kn sy copy paste soaln tu??

DIRIKU said...

hahahah....jawapan yang membina minda...:D

sissyira said...


hehehhe...bukan belasan tahun yea...

|| amira || said...

hahaha .
funny lorh .

kucai ? sounds familiar ..
why kucai ?
he loves to eat kucia?

si para para said...

jujur n eklas betul n3 ni.hehehe