Monday, January 3, 2011

skating at Park Kulturi,Moscow. ;))

skating here was beyond expected .it was superb experienced . the place for skating was so HUGE !
my friends and i spent almost 4 hours there,and perform our maghrib prayer there,yet,not discovered all the places.can you imagine how big was the place ? ;D actually,it was an amusement park,but in winter season,they'll alter the park for ice skating. alhamdulillah,we got student price for the ticket,cost only 20 rubles (RM2.00),thanks for the russian lady,she help us a lot in emphasizing the ticket girl that we were students so we can get the discount (it will be no problem if we already get our student cards).finally,fuhhh !,what an experience !, i'm looking forward to skate there again ! .

here,i post a link to my video skating there ,if you have free time,check it out ;)


shaa bonitaa said...

best x moscow? nant nk g gak sne kalo ad rezki =)

black paper said...

of course ,it'll be a superb experience if u visit this country,,

but ,there are some bad things here,which i already mentioned in the previous entry,it was about the riot happened in the central moscow,unfortunately,i live at moscow,,haha,,