Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Header Contest

hehe,just for fun . i'm right now participating in the contest created by cik yana .
k,this is her header . come ,lets joint together. ;)

and this is mine

3 lucky friends of mine ;)
farrah aidah


NadiRah said...

nak join..tapi xde Header..huk3

~WaNniE~ said...

Gud luck ye black paper...

header yang menarik.....simple but nice...

nice to meet u black paper.....i follow u...keep in touch...

si para para said...

header yg tak ada gambar apa2 boleh join ke.hehe

si para para said...

err en.Em g moscow blja apa ye..

|| amira || said...

goodluck !

nelly said...

header yang penuh dengan iman


black paper said...

hehe,sebat je

thanks,nice to meet u too ,ya,dont touch n go,,haha

@si para2
boleh je,,but,its impossible to vote ,,keh3

thanks ;)

thanks visiting back ;D