Saturday, January 8, 2011

hey,it's soo cool man !

when i was was walking back home,i saw a piece of ice . usually, for the 4 seasons country, in winter the will have an ice sculpture festival which was so cool . last time, the held it here,but i missed it . oohh,little bit disappointed ,but,insyaAllah, i'm looking forward to go for it next year ! ;D back to the story about the piece of ice i found on the way returning home, what i just saw was naturally sculptured ice ,non-human made ,hehe . as its shape was similar to sword ,so i named it ,crystal sword,cool isn't it . ;D . that's all guys. haha,this entry seem to be funny, because theres, no points , no messages ,no information ,absolutely nothing . sorry . ;D it's just a life that i wanted to share ;)


eqbalzack said...

salam...ambik medic ke kat sana bro?

black paper said...

please make du'a for me ;)

♥ LULU ♥ said...

bestnye boleh main snow.....hehe

Nailofarhazirah said...

wah.. best nye salji2 neh..