Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i'am planning to...

yesterday and last 2 days,i already went for ice skating. and, i was planning to sleep for the entire day today. it seems that this plan will not working out, because one my friend just bought his new ice skating boot,and he need me to accompany him to go ice skate at the Gorki park. yup! i understand,new boot ,new spirit,hahha, just like me on the first day i bought the boot,only Allah can tell how i felt that time,over excited,happy,lost my patient.haha ;D yet,i'm still in making decision,whether going or sleeping in my super soft bed with my cute elephant.undoubtedly sleep is important for mankind (haha) ,but friends are indeed one of vital things in lifee. ! argggh, ok guys,if you interested with this entry,please follow up until the next entry. i'll let you know what decision do i make ok. ;D ok,have a nice day guys, assalamu'alaikum.



Anisa Hang Tuah said...

friends are indeed one of vital things in life

black paper said...

;) yup,that's so true ,,

raudhah said...

mana 1 en aziz ni atr 4 org yang bertenggek kat tangga masjid tu?

erm, belajar ape kat Moscow? =)

black paper said...

2 daripade kanan,,
im studying medicine here,,
make du'a for me ok ;)