Wednesday, January 5, 2011


second time skating also awesome ! ;D . i improved my skill just now,especially braking skill.
its not as easy as i thought it would be.sooo tired. i skated more than 3 hours . (ice skating maniac) .
haha. ;D . right now,i'm so famished ,please ,is there anything i can eat . kopok leko ? in my dream .......


TheChekJah said...

makan angin... hehe

black paper said...

if air have flavor , of course i'll

cik blablabla said... la pix kat header tuh.. =D

sry,komen lri dr tjuk.haha

black paper said...

its ok,,
that picture was taken last year at kedah,,from left,my cousin,my best friend at matriculation,me,the most right is my cousin's friend.