Friday, June 24, 2011

how long did i slept ?

just now,my friend asked me, 'aziz,did you already stop from blogging? ',,haha,not really,i'm just being busy with all the tests and finals stuff.guys,there were lot of things had happened all this while,and one of the best things was, i found back my
lost ring . alhamdulillah ;)

the exam almost at the end, last paper which i have to sit is physics and it will be on 28th of June,please make du'a for me and my friends so Allah eases us.

we will depart from here to Malaysia on the 1st of July , at about 0040 o'clock . may our journey safe and be blessed from Allah ta'ala.


p/s:miss my loyal readers <3 , sorry for stop writing for so long .

Saturday, March 5, 2011

oh anatomy ;D

last Thursday was my human anatomy test, this subject is the most coolest subject we have for the first year . the test consist of 2 types, writing and oral test, for writing, its divided to 2 sections, which were MCQ (objective questions) and essay questions regarding to the topic we recently learned . same goes to oral test, its also divided to 2 kinds, pointing and topography brief explanation .

alhamdulillah, i had already finished both for the writing test , and pointing for oral test .
now, i'll have one test more to go , oral test for topography of human organs (digestive system) , and it'll be next week insyaAllah . don't forget to make du'a for this weak slave of Allah , and may ALlah grant all your du'a and bless you all for addition ;)

this video below was recorded during my last anatomy class . do hear the lecturer's explanation ,and you will have the chance to experience how difficult for me to understand their teaching . haha ;D

Sunday, February 27, 2011


its been a while since i didn't post new entry .

;) this smile for you guys that keep leaving comments for my past entries .
thanks a lot .


Sunday, February 13, 2011

cool new subjects ;)

histology ,which is the study of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues of plants and animals, the class will be a lottt of drawings .

medical terminology
, for your information, here,we use latin for medical terminology . ;)

medical physics
, which is the application of physics in medicine, generally concerns physics as applied to medical imaging and radiotherapy .

may Allah make it easier for me to digest these new subjects , and give barakah for what ever knowledge that i'd owned so everyone can get benefit from it one day . ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

kami tak sambut hari valentine

click here


i just started my first class just now for this semester,
and for sure,i don't have much free time like previously .
i'll sit for 4 papers for my final exam this 2nd semester which are physics and math, general chemistry, latin (medical terminology) .

just like i used to ask from you guys , ;p
please make du'a for me okay ;)

insyaAllah ta'ala,i'll update my blog every weekend . that's all ,fii amanillah ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

4 days trip~

red square

Assalamu'alaikum wrb,it's been a long time since i didn't post a new entry . i've been busy all these weeks. recently,my friend's parents ,zaki's ,came here visited their son , since there were here, we took them strolling around moscow and experiencing the interesting places here.

we went to Red Square on their arrival day here (there are strong, so jet lag is out of the question) we also enjoyed walking along the Arbats Street,shopped at the Babylon ,and we got the chance to performed our zohor prayer at Prospekt Mira Mosque ;) .

the last day of their vacation here were spent at russian museum of space ,and we were a little bit disappointed because all the information and clarifications about satellite, astronomy, and even rockets were all in russian, no English at all. so we just enjoyed the day by viewing all the stuffs without knowing what it supposed to be ;DD .
then, at the evening, we went to spartiv hostel having our dinner there .thanks to auntie and some other friends that cooked all the foods and deserts,it were awesome guys ! . at the end of the evening, auntie and uncle embraced each of us saying good bye and straight away went to the airport with hafizan, hizami, zaki, mundzir, and me accompanied them.
these 4 days were so meaningful as it filled with wonderful activities and experiences . otherwise,i'll just hibernating in my room ;D

p/s : thanks auntie (Mam. Umi Masni) and uncle (Mr.Shamsulbahri) for treating us so nice and warm . feel free to visit us again ;)

babylon shopping complex
(chatting with uncle and auntie)

you guys can see the rest of the photos on FB.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

video instead of pic okay ?

as i promised before, that i'll post picture of we sliding on this entry ,but unfortunately, i didn't got any chance to snap pictures, because of overexcited ,haha , but below is the video instead of picture . i hope that's okay ? ;D

p/s : sorry, lack of IT knowledge, don't know how to rotate the video clockwise .

Sunday, January 30, 2011

dush2 next sem !

our mid semester break almost at the end .sorry guys,i was mistaken as i stated in my previous entry that we got 7 days more for holiday . actually,our lectures and classes will begin on this upcoming 8th of February . now I'm in process of gaining the study's spirit and really need to change the holiday mode to lecture mode by any mean necessary . and its kinda hard , because this body already pampered with sleeping ,strolling ,eating , etc. during this 1 month holiday ;D .

i remembered on the first day of the holiday ,i wondered what I'm going to do with this one month break at Moscow, especially in this winter season ,but as time goes on, it seems that automatically the ideas keep coming on how to spend our holiday with awesome activities. ;D

tomorrow,by Allah's mean, my friend and i will go to the library (very old library),to exchange our last semester text and reference books with the next semester books. not far from the library , there's a place for ice sliding ,if we have much time, we would like to play and slide there ;)) .I'll take pictures insyaAllah and I'll share it on my next entry okay ;) okay, till the next entry, assalamu'alaikum.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

yes, i love u !

its been a while ;) . i'm being busy lately, how are you guys ? doing great right ? alhamdulillah ;) . i miss malaysia so much , and miss my family like crazy . recently, there's some problem with my heart (spiritually) , herm, maybe i'm lack of reciting the holy al Quran , la ila ha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazdholimin . please keep on praying for this weak slave of Allah okay ? here, its hard to take care of my heart, eyes, away from zulumat . this zulumat blacken our heart with one dot each time we attempt it, and insyaAllah,with truly and sincerely repentance , it'll cleanse the black dot . oh Allah,Your love towards Your servants is beyond suspicion. strengthen my heart so i can love You more day by day . amiin.

Friday, January 28, 2011

take 3 minutes rest from BW ;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

warghh ! my belly !

lastnight my friends and i took our dinner at chinese restaurant , its far from our hostel , the journey took almost 1 hour . wargh, i'm soo famished that time because i purposely didn't eat anything from the morning except 3 pieces of waffle biscuit and a mug of milk ( big mug ) ;D . because , my friends that used to eat at the restaurant had advised me to do so . you guys want to know why ? let's read this entry till end okay ;) . first we stepped inside the restaurant , it really caught our eyes , the decoration was soo amazing and so nice ,like a premiere class restaurant. haha. we booked a long table at the 2nd floor .okay, this is how the business goes , it prices depend on the plate , the bigger the plate you choose,the more you have to pay ,but the awesome thing was, its up to you ,how many food ,desserts , salad you want to take . here i posted a pic showing my plate with a mountain of food on it , but it got mixed , desserts with rice ,rice with noodles,cake with sushi and sooo on ;DD . since we can took as much as we wanted to eat , that's why we hold our hunger from the morning . after i finished half of it , i took a walk around the restaurant , to give my stomach time to relax and do its job ,then i continued back . haha ;D . alhamdulillah , i'm so fulled until now , hehe. but , to hang out with my good friends is above all this awesome experience.

these are some pictures , some of it a little bit blur

Monday, January 24, 2011

shopping ~

yesterday i went to *universitet station , and shopped at Zara at the mega nearby . i bought one jacket there . then, i went to *voykovskaya station, not far from the station,there is super Mega Mall, sooo big , and peoples keep rushing in and out from the mall unstopped . i bought jeans at New Yorker , the price was reasonable , on 999 rubles (rm99) , last shop i stopped by was Bershka , there was a jacket that already caught my heart at the first sight last time , i was hopping that the price has been cut during this winter sale.but it seems to be the price was fixed . i called ummi ,to ask her whether was it wise to buy the jacket , ummi told me , "just buy it , consider it like a gift from ummi" waaa, i'm so touched ,thanks ummi ,love you so much ,not just for this reason, but this thanks was meant to be from the starting point which i resided in your blessed belly . ;)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

felt lonely ;(

ermm, most of my good friends are on vacation right now, some of them are heading to germany, and others to UK . the best among them are those who get the chance to return to MALAYSIA , waaa,please bring some soil from malaysia here, i want to kiss it ;D
now , i'm alone ,stranded in this refrigerator-like country . ;(

our semester break is almost at the end , we got only 7 days left to enjoy and relax . skating? , just played yesterday . upcoming activity will be snowboarding . yes ! .

but before that, i have to return some text books to the library and in return, i'll get the text books for the next semester subjects, which are histology and biochem ,and of course some additional books for human anatomy subject .

may Allah bless me more in the next semester ;) amiin.

below,the video i would like to share with you guys ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mekasih korang !

yup, this entry is special for you guys . because ,Allah had granted all of your du'a ;)
i just finished my final exam just now . last night i slept at 3am , studying till i felt like i wanted to puke . haha ;D

i woke up at 6.45 and performed subuh prayer with room mates ,and took oat for my breakfast . i left my room at 8.35am and arrived at the examination class at 10.10am which was 10 minutes late, supposed i have to be there at 10 am. since i'm late, i have to wait outside for 1 hour ,and will sit for the exam with the next group of candidates. ;( but there will be always hikmah besides the afflictions from Allah and this one seems to be an advantage to me , because i got the chance to review back the topics i studied last night . ;)

then, after one hour, i entered the class with other candidates and got the 2nd variant of question.
ohh Allah, first question already made me lost . but , i tried to remain calm and relax, i left the question and answered others first . after struggling in recalling back what i've been studying from the first class,i managed to answer all questions . the lecturer called our name one by one,and started to ask questions (since this was an oral exam) , then my name was called , with the recitation of Bismillah,i stood up and sat in front of him . he checked my paper ,then ALHAMDULILLAHHHH !! ,he didn't asked me any questions ?! and i got best marks.i believed Allah helped me from the start till the very end . i know what i'm capable of,and for sure, i can't achieved this without Allah's guidance and help . credit to all of your du'a ,it really made me easier and got a good marks ! . Allahu Akhbar .

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

forgive me ...

ya Allah, please accept my repentance . i've done a lot of mistakes . many sins . ya Allah, you are the Merciful , the Almighty . all praises to You oh Allah . thanks for loving me 70 times more than my mother loves me . oh Allah , i love You from the bottom of my heart and love Your messenger from the bottom of my heart, please increase my degree by Your side . please remember me all the time , please call my name in the assembly with your pious angels so they also know me . ya Allah,send my salam to Your beloved messenger Muhammad PBUH . i miss him a lot . please hear me oh Allah even though i rarely remember You . oh Allah, You gave me this kalimah "La ila ha illallah" , please make me strong and brave to take a good care of this kalimah ,so i can die by bearing witness that there is non worthy of worship except You ,and Muhammad PBUH is Your messenger . please make my sakaratul maut lighter because i'm so weak oh Allah . please enter me in Your paradise without reckoning . amiinn

Your slave ,
'Abdul 'Aziz 'Abdul Rahim

Saturday, January 15, 2011

jom2 bace , ;D

last 2 days , i went to spartiv hostel (a little bit far from my hostel) , accompanied my friend, zaki to meet our friend which was the only person that zaki put his trust to cut his hair (zaki need a hair cut) . haha, his mom advised him to get a hair cut or else she refused to skype with him . so sweet right ? ;)

we arrived there about 6 pm (here already dark like at 10pm malaysia) . and soon as we arrived ,my friends were having usrah, so we joined them and the usrah got more interesting and finally it finished at almost 8 . then,we performed our isya prayer there . then we realized that it was already late,furthermore, it was dangerous outside since there been a case that one of the seniors got beaten hardly by the extremes russians, so we were worried to return home that late. so after held a quick discuss with zaki, we decided to stay a night there .

the problem was, outsiders can't spend a night there .

jeng3, so we went outside and took our propose from the guards and pretended that we want to return home by saying "byeee" to our friends,haha, then we went to the backyard and we climbed the building in order to enter my friend's room through his window . hahaha, and i can say that ,the window was actually high but we managed to climb it . so ,that night we were having a lot of fun, chatting , enjoying movies , and having dinner together ;D . the next morning, after performing fajr prayer ,we had our breakfast and continued watching movie (the exorcist) until jumaat prayer which we performed there . alhamdulillah, we returned home safely after jumaat prayer . credit to all my spartiv's friends for treating us so nice and warm . ;)

Friday, January 14, 2011


seriously,no time to update. i thought i'll get the chance,but its impossible . is that ok? ;(
insyaAllah,after the oral exam, i'll update and share more about my experience and what i'm going through here alright ! ;)

as salamu'alaikum wrb ~

Thursday, January 13, 2011

wow !

wow,still so many chapters i didn't cover yet . come on, i can do it ! thanks for all your du'a in the previous entry, i believed all of it already granted and accepted by Allah 'azza wajal ,because, i feel more light to study . normally ,this hands,fingers,eyes are soo allergic with chemistry equations ,haha,but now,its better . credit to your du'a s . ;D

ok,till next night ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

read ,jgn x read ;D

starting from today,until 20th of January , i'll be a little bit busy than usual, because i have to start study for this upcoming bioorganic chemistry oral exam. so my beloved readers and followers,please include me in each of your makbul du'a so it'll be easier for me to study and will get excellent grades,amiin. only Allah can reward you guys the greatest reward that He ever give to His slave. insyaAllah ta'ala . so, by Allah's mean, i'll update my blog during night . so,stay tuned ;D haha.

thanks for spending your precious time here ;)
fi amaa nillah ~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

lupe letak title tadi,,hahhaa !

i was tagged by Nurul Amira Mashuri ,full name bhai ;D first glimpse, i'm like ,wooo,very long entry ,then after usha slowly, haha, i found it very catchy and funny . so, to fill my leisure time during winter break,i would love to join this segment . here it is :

Full-name : 'Abdul 'Aziz Bin 'Abdul Rahim

Date-of-birth : 3rd of July 1991

Age : 20 years old this year (dah xmain belasan lagi ;D )

Married :
not yet, but already have prospective wife ,hua hua hua.

Zodiac : Cancer

Foot-size : my foot is extraordinary, it's long and wide (but not like kangaroo alright).

Weight : 66 kilograms

Height : last time i measured was last year,it was 176 cm, this year still didn't measure it yet.

Nickname : Aziz/ziz/maulana/MCR -friends , ajis/syg/adul/baby/behya (urdhu language for brother) - family.

High-school : since i moved a lot, there were 3 high schools i've been at, Sek.Men.Agama Rompin (F1-F1/2) ,Sek.Men.Keb.Rompin (F1/2-F2),Sek.Men.Bandar Baru UDA (F3-F5)

College/university : i studied at malacca matriculation college for PST (09/10),and currently studying at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical Academy .

Last-thing-I've-just-did :
snap a picture for this entry as it requested to do so.

My-room-condition : cold yet comfortable.

Having-a-relationship ? For-many-times ? : few times when i was at high school (hormone still not balance that time,gatal x agak).last having it is in Form 4.

Take Your Own Picture Now and Don't Edit

just woke up and finished performing Fajr prayer with room mate.
was taken at 8.58 a.m (here,fajr at 7.oo am)

About others

Name-of-your-gf/bf-right-now : don't have any.

Name-of-the-person-you-miss-the-most-right-now : ummi, abbi, and all my siblings. ;(

Name-of-the-person-you-hate-the-most : none

Name-of-the-last-person-you've-hurt : Kucai, i promised him to give my waffle biscuits, but i forgot,then the time i remembered again, he already bought it by himself. sorry Kucai.

Name-of-your-pet : Coral (R.I.P)

About Myself

Pernah korek hidung ? : one of my hobbies . hahaha

Pernah baca mesej pastu senyum/gelak sorang-sorang ? : yup,of course . ;)

Pernah gayut sampai tertido ? : yes, when i was in form 3,soo in love and my life full of craziness . i'm on the phone till i heard Fajr's azan.(during that time,i accidentally slept a few times)

Pernah kentut di khalayak ramai ? : one thing about me, i think farting is a big issue,and i don't fart in public, usually,i'll go to the toilet or outside the room (but when there're no one around . . . .hahhaa ;D)

Pernah tidur dalam kelas ? : yup ! very frequent . especially at matriculation college.

Pernah pukul orang ? : erm, better not to answer this question. hehe. long time ago,i'm little but crazy.

Pernah nanges depan awek/pakwe ? :nope

Pernah kena birthday prank ? : used to.

First time

Kena marah : i don't remember , but i can say that,my feeling must be super CHUAK , ;D

Duduk jauh dari family : at matriculation college. alhamdulillah, everything were fine, they used to pay a visit .

Tengok wayang : i think when i was in standard 6,after got my UPSR results, the movie was Finding Nemo. ;)

Ponteng kelas : used to ,but i skipped my class to hang out with my family. haha ;D

Jatuh cinta : lembik lutot.

Accident : minor,many times. but for the serious one when i was in form 4 . alhamdulillah i'm still alive,my bike was broken into pieces . O_0 .

tag 4

next time,i'll take you guys ok ;)

thx for spending your precious time reading this entry ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

"warghhh" entry,hahahah !

yesterday ,once again i went for ice skating with friends (aziz <--- ice skating maniac ;DD), but this time, not at the place that i used to go . this place was more nearer to my hostel , and the rink was loooooooooooooooooooot better than the rink at the Gorki park,which there were holes everywhere ! O_o , and wasn't smooth at all ! . alhamdulillah, someone introduced me this place and all i can say about this rink was,its more conducive for skating ;) i reached there about 3.30 pm , and . .. warghh ! i have to line up to buy the ticket (the queue was so freaking long ) ,but by all mean necessary,we have to be patient right,that's the way of our beloved Prophet PBUH had told us to handle problems and afflictions . so , with biggest smile in the planet earth,i took a long breath then started to queue up ;) .

credit to farhana,nice snap,and also esther ,thanks for the cool editing ;)

good news : when i just stepped inside the rink, without any expectation,it seems to be, most of my good friends from other hostel (spartiv) were also there ! warghh, i'm soo happy and excited ,because long time no seee bhai ! since we were on our mid semester break right now,so we don't get a chance to hang out together like we used to be. for your information, my hostel and their were a little bit far.2nd good news was , i've already owned the backward strokes skill (skating backward) ,,alhamdulillah,after a lot of effort, i succeed ;)

bad news : ;( i fell down , and sprained my wrist . it was sooo painful and hurt sooo much ,it started to swell few hours later . may Allah make this accident to be the kafarah for any sins that i've done in the past time also in the future .

amiin . (but if i think this way,it'll be a good news ;) right ?) its good to be positive ;Di've been advised by someone soon i reached my hostel,the sms goes like this "salam,after this,before you go to sleep,don't forget to bandage your wrist,put minyak panas on it because it'll super swell after this,salam B-)".

thanks for your consideration .i appreciate it so much . ;))

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Header Contest

hehe,just for fun . i'm right now participating in the contest created by cik yana .
k,this is her header . come ,lets joint together. ;)

and this is mine

3 lucky friends of mine ;)
farrah aidah

as salam brothers and sisters ;)

alhamdulillah, i made a lot of blogger friends lately , and i never dream of having up to 100 followers . the main reason i made this blog was, to fill my leisure time . it was created after i finished my SPM examination . in my matriculation life,i have absolutely no time to update the blog,as you guys can observe the previous entry, just a small number of entry i posted regarding to my life in matriculation . haha ;D

and before i forget , there are some of you asking about the meaning of the du'a i posted in the previous entry. as i promised to find the meaning , here it is :

" there is none worthy of worship except Allah , incomparably Great, the Clement ,there is none worthy of worship except Allah , the Rabb of the tremendous 'Arsh (throne of Allah) ,there is none worthy worship except Allah, the Rabb of the skies,the Rabb of the earth and the Rabb of the tremendous 'Arsh (Throne) "

p/s : if you guys find any spelling mistake in the meaning of the du'a ,please quickly correct it in the comment section or simply let me know alright ;)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

jazakAllahu Khairan

this entry is special to show my appreciation to brother Ben Ashaari .
thanks for introducing my little blog in one of your entry . ;)

and for those who'd followed me, i'll try to follow all of you insyaAllah,and so sorry if
some of you i didn't follow because, in just a glimpse ,so many that followed,
now,i'm little bit dizzy .

blOglist blOgger 2011

whats about this entry ? , lets find out ! ;) actually,i just join a segment created by cik diana. if you guys want to joint , feel free to click this link to her blog.

first step done,
2nd also done,
here's the 3rd ,4th till 6th.

my real name is abdul aziz bin abdul rahim . staying at JB ,now studying medicine at russia,I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University . i'm the 5th in my siblings ,and i'm blessed by having a lovely family .

ok,now about this header, the picture was taken last year at kedah when i was on da'wah program. it was snapped right after finished performing jumaat prayer . from left,Luqman (my cousin which is a hafiz that already memorized 30 juz of al Quran), shukri (my friend at matriculation college), me , and Luqman's friend,ariffin(he studying 'alim at madrasah) .

about the name of my blog, i don't remember how i got it . hehe ,sorry . but it means, one who spreads malicious gossip. i put this name because, people tends to read bad gossip ,haha , so many will visit my blog.insyaAllah. ;)

Sunah Mohammad
brother Ben

guys ;((

this was one of the saddest thing happened in my life . oh Allah, please make me strong. may this affliction will increase my degree by Your side. i searched it everywhere, yet didn't saw any sign of it . i took out all my slacks and jeans out from the cupboard ,and to check whether its in the pockets or not . unfortunately , my undertakings showed blunt results. ya Allah , please show some alternative ways how can i find it . my ring ;((

guys , please make du'a for me so i can find back my ring . jazakAllahu khairan.

hey,it's soo cool man !

when i was was walking back home,i saw a piece of ice . usually, for the 4 seasons country, in winter the will have an ice sculpture festival which was so cool . last time, the held it here,but i missed it . oohh,little bit disappointed ,but,insyaAllah, i'm looking forward to go for it next year ! ;D back to the story about the piece of ice i found on the way returning home, what i just saw was naturally sculptured ice ,non-human made ,hehe . as its shape was similar to sword ,so i named it ,crystal sword,cool isn't it . ;D . that's all guys. haha,this entry seem to be funny, because theres, no points , no messages ,no information ,absolutely nothing . sorry . ;D it's just a life that i wanted to share ;)

Friday, January 7, 2011

whoever read this entry,you are beautiful and handsome ;)

70 Major Sins in Islam

advice from admin : (please read with your heart ,mind open,may Allah give Taufiq and Hidayah to all of us,amiin)

Associating anything with Allah

2. Murder

3. Practicing magic

4. Abandoning solah (ritual Prayer)

5. Not paying zakah

6. Not fasting during the month of Ramadan without excuse

7. Not performing Hajj, while being able to do so

8. Showing disrespect to parents

9. Severing relations with relatives (memutuskan tali silaturrahim dengan keluarga)

10. Committing adultery(zina)

11. Committing sodomy(homoseksual)

12. Dealing in riba (interest)

13. Wrongfully consuming the property of an orphan

14. Lying about Allah or His Messenger

15. Running away from the battlefield

16. Deceiving the people that one rules and being unjust to them

17. Being proud and arrogant

18. Bearing false witness

19. Drinking alcohol

20. Gambling

21. Falsely accusing chaste women (i.e. of committing fornication or adultery)

22. Stealing from the spoils of war (mencuri harta rampasan)

23. Stealing

24. Committing highway robbery (banditisme)

25. Making false oath

26. Committing oppression (melakukan penindasan)

27. Earning ill-gotten gain.

28. Consuming what is unlawful.

29. Committing suicide

30. Lying frequently

31. Judging unjustly

32. Giving and accepting a bribe

33. Imitating the opposite sex (in dress, behavior, and the like)

34. Allowing one’s wife, daughters, etc. to display their beauty to men or conduct illicit sexual relations

35. Marrying a divorced woman in order to make her lawful for her ex-husband to remarry her after he irrevocably divorced her

36. Not protecting oneself or one's clothes from being contaminated with urine or excrement.

37. Showing off

38. Learning knowledge of the religion for the sake of this world and withholding that knowledge (i.e., not teaching people)

39. Betraying a trust

40. Recounting favors

41. Denying Allah's Decree

42. Listening to people's private conversations

43. Carrying gossip

44. Cursing others

45. Breaking contracts

46. Believing in fortune-tellers

47. Behaving badly towards one’s husband

48. Making statues

49. Lamenting, wailing, tearing the clothing, and doing other things of this sort when an affliction falls

50. Treating others wrongfully

51. Treating one’s wife, servant, the weak, and animals badly

52. Offending one's neighbor

53. Offending and abusing Muslims

54. Offending people and having an arrogant attitude toward them

55. Trailing one's garment in pride

56. Wearing silk and gold (this is for men only)

57. Running away from one’s master (this is for slaves)

58. Slaughtering an animal that has been dedicated to anyone other than Allah

59. To knowingly ascribe one's paternity to a man other than one's biological father

60. Arguing and disputing violently

61. Withholding excess water

62. Giving short weight or measure

63. Feeling secure from Allah's Plan

64. Offending pious people (menyinggung orang soleh)

65. Not praying in congregation but praying alone without an excuse

66. Persistently missing Friday Prayer without any excuse

67. Usurping the rights of the heir through bequests (to others)

68. Deceiving and plotting evil

69. Spying for the enemy of the Muslims against Muslim's interest

70. Cursing or insulting any of the Companions of the Prophet

may Allah protect us from all of the major and minor sins , amiiin. ;)

thanks for reading this entry till end .

Thursday, January 6, 2011

new Russian friends ! ;D

it seems that friends win when it comes to battle with sleep (regarding to the previous entry). ;) i accompanied my friend yesterday,and taught him a little bit on how to ice skate (wow,sounds like a pro) . haha,i also sucks in ice skating.i improved my skills by watching how the russian skates. wow,they're really good man, yaa, what else to be expected right? living in the 4 seasons country,not so weird if they're really pros.but if malaysians are good in ice skating,then it would be awesome ! ;D in winter,it's hard to see a sunshine ,because it's cloudy all the time . fortunately,today and last 3 days,the weather are sooo nice,bright and sunny, such a perfect time to take a stroll ;)

yaa,yesterday,i met new russian friends at Gorki

park.then,they asked me to celebrate new year with of them took out a bottle of beer and started to
distributed cups to each one of us. 0_o . . . .

i said :

"NIEET ! , ya ne piyosh eto" means " no,i don't drink that"

haha,they don't understand why i refused to

drink,for them ,its just a i saw they got a coke in their bag,quickly i responded :
"coke will be fine".

alhamdulillah,i'm glad they had a coke,because it's really hard to emphasize them that i can't drink beer or liquor and sort of.finally,not all russians are racist.some of them are nice,they act like that just because they don't understand our religion. privet Russia !

here are some photos taken yesterday,sorry,its a bit blur.(i really need to change my phone -_-).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i'am planning to...

yesterday and last 2 days,i already went for ice skating. and, i was planning to sleep for the entire day today. it seems that this plan will not working out, because one my friend just bought his new ice skating boot,and he need me to accompany him to go ice skate at the Gorki park. yup! i understand,new boot ,new spirit,hahha, just like me on the first day i bought the boot,only Allah can tell how i felt that time,over excited,happy,lost my patient.haha ;D yet,i'm still in making decision,whether going or sleeping in my super soft bed with my cute elephant.undoubtedly sleep is important for mankind (haha) ,but friends are indeed one of vital things in lifee. ! argggh, ok guys,if you interested with this entry,please follow up until the next entry. i'll let you know what decision do i make ok. ;D ok,have a nice day guys, assalamu'alaikum.



second time skating also awesome ! ;D . i improved my skill just now,especially braking skill.
its not as easy as i thought it would be.sooo tired. i skated more than 3 hours . (ice skating maniac) .
haha. ;D . right now,i'm so famished ,please ,is there anything i can eat . kopok leko ? in my dream .......

Monday, January 3, 2011

budak ingusan ~

as salammu 'alaikum and hello, ;) guys,i'm still catching a cold.aiseh man,how to make this jelly monster reside in my nose disappear haa.not comfortable at all!
if you guys have any tips how to avoid or prevent it,please share with me aite ~.i really need that.
tomorrow,insyaALlah,i will skate again with my clicks.yahooO! .hehe.even though i have cold right now,but it'll no problem,as long as i achieve my goal. ;D actually,i wrote this entry in notepad,haha because i still didn't topup my internet yet,insyaAllah,tonight i'll. this last 3 days,i spent a lot of my pocket money for metro and bus tickets ,each cost 1080 rub (RM108),700 rub (RM70) respectively. yup,in addition,tonight i'll spend 500 rub more for the internet. aisshh .still waiting for my student card,with it,i'll get discount till up to 50% for transportation tickets and also valid for other stuffs.besides, for ice skating,we only have to pay RM2 per entry just like i'd mentioned in previous entry. ;))

below is the du'a i would like to share with you guys ;

La ila Ha illAllah hul Halim mul 'Azim,
La ila ha illAllah hu Robbul 'Arsyil 'Azim,
La ila ha illAllah hu Robbus samaawat tiwa Robbul ardh,
Robbul 'arsyil Karim.

this du'a if you recite it,insyaALlah,Allah will make it easier for you in all of your undertakings. ;)) i got this du'a from Muntakhab Hadith kitab.insyaAllah,i don't spell it wrongly.but,if there are any mistakes,may Allah give His forgiveness for all my weakness.

skating at Park Kulturi,Moscow. ;))

skating here was beyond expected .it was superb experienced . the place for skating was so HUGE !
my friends and i spent almost 4 hours there,and perform our maghrib prayer there,yet,not discovered all the places.can you imagine how big was the place ? ;D actually,it was an amusement park,but in winter season,they'll alter the park for ice skating. alhamdulillah,we got student price for the ticket,cost only 20 rubles (RM2.00),thanks for the russian lady,she help us a lot in emphasizing the ticket girl that we were students so we can get the discount (it will be no problem if we already get our student cards).finally,fuhhh !,what an experience !, i'm looking forward to skate there again ! .

here,i post a link to my video skating there ,if you have free time,check it out ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy New year ! ;)

wow,,even though i'm not into celebrating new years,but in moscow the celebration here seems to be so cool ~! . the art of fireworks can be seen from my room ;D . no need to suffer going to the fireworks site its very cold out there.temperature below 10 .. O_0

the fireworks started at 12 ,and it ended about 2 and half hours later . wooo ! can you guys imagine how many fireworks they burned ? after battling counter strike with my gf ,zaki (hahaha),i slept with dignity (coz ,winning over zaki each match ;DD) at 2am last night,and of course i can't sleep,its war outside. -_- '''

now my eyes have dark circles like pandas.... (-_-)zZz

and guys , HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 ! ,may Allah make it easier for all your undertakings this year ! amiin.