Thursday, December 30, 2010


CONGRATULATION to malaysian football team !! Harimau Malaya gempakKK!. winning over indonesia by 4 - 2. the first league was more worth watching than the second one . i'm little bit disappointed when malaysia playing defensive ! .they are sucks in defends ,in contrary,they look like real tiger when playing counter,magnificent ! . anyway ,i'm still proud to be one of your fans !! Safee, you are superb ! Saha,you also deserve the credit , and the best goes to the keeper, Fahmi ,maintain cool bro ! we always support you !

to Harimau Malaya ,please maintain being superb ! don't disappoint us like you used to be ~ haha.

p/s : i was hopping,after this aff cup ,malaysia and indonesia become best friend ~ ;)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AGAIN , all praises to ALLAH ! ;)

alhamdulillah , i passed the latin exam just now, thanks to Galena (my latin lecturer) for the 'freedom' you just gave. maybe i'm glad i'm not one of your victims today .happy new year to you too . you are such a nice lecturer (uhukkk3 !) haha . i hope my friends did well too,because everyday,they're struggle studying latin ( uhukk3! ) . especially Pisang (room mate), hahaha, Pisang, is it ?
now, there's no one in my room,only me,my lappy , and a bowl of tom yam maggie in front .
warghh,,this was the last maggie pack i have left . where can i find mee maggie here ? . here ,they also have instant mee, but not as spicy as Kari Letup ! haha . guys, if you have sympathy for me, then,please post to me, mee maggie curry, tom yam ,laksa and i guaranteed you will be my best of the best buddies .

guys, tomorrow will be my last human anatomy colloq (test),about the muscles of upper and lower limbs . Allahhu Akhbar, its crucial to memorize all parts in details ,even though its kinda hard as hell yet interesting and it open our eyes and hearts to see the signs of the POWER OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH .muscles,bones,joints in the body,its impossible if we say that it growth by itself,there must be someone behind this creation,who is it? Allah is only the answer for this question .all parts of human body were created perfectly and detailed non of the scientist in this earth are able to create something like that,not even close . the One Allah is the creator and we as His servants have to admit that He is THE GEATEST.He was worthy of praise and He is the Powerful and Almighty ,and His creation can do absolutely nothing without His consent or permission.

p/s : don't forget to raise both of your hand and make du'a for me to pass tomorrow's test ok !

u all decide what title should i use for this entry! ,,hhe

hi guys ,assalamualaikum . how are you? i hope you guys doing superb ;D .
i'm not feeling so well,its been 3 days ,having cold and coughing non stop. i just finished my last physics's test,haha,so funny. i got 3,only because i spelled "planck's" constant wrongly . aarrghh ! such a disaster ! . but anyway,alhamdulillah , all things that happened must have the hikmah behind it . maybe if i got 5 , my nostril will widen se widen2 nyee,,haha,and maybe i'll brag to others. so,its best to get 3 than being a jerk right? . i remembered one hadith stated that,if we have a little brag feeling in our heart,even its soo tiny ,we still have to face the Fire of Hell until the tiny lil brag feeling get burned up and destroyed.

FYI about marking system in russia :
(5 = excellent , 4 = good , 3 = average , 2 and below = repeat la jawabnye,,)

and currently,there was a phenomenon occurred here in russia , all the snow turned to solid ice !.i think,the factor that contributed to this phenomenon was the temperature raised recently,so the snow got melt then it got frozen again when the temperature dropped .

walkways became so slippery and so dangerous yet fun ,hehe,,because sometimes,we enjoy skiing on it.we can see some trees fallen cause it can't hold anymore the heavy ice stuck on its branches and twigs.below i post some pictures taken yesterday . look ,the ice ice baby , ;DD

look,hardcore beb !

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

dT~Tb wuUu WUuu ~

"lets just say this is it Chelsea,i don't want to be with you anymore,because i found someone that is much more quality than you,i'm so sorry",said Aziz to Chelsea.With hands holding each other,Aziz and Arsenal left frustrated Chelsea alone under the shady tree.

noooo,,dont leave meee

i'll change,i promise !

Monday, December 27, 2010

folks,,check this out ~

currently,i'm studying at russia,medicine course.believe it or not,i'm staying at one of the top communist country in the world ! peace (^^)v russia is very cold yet windy,perh,sometimes the temperature drop till -25 0_o?? you want to know what it feels like ? just imagine after you take your bath,then you go inside the refrigerator naked,and you buried yourself with the ice.haha ! .sometimes,my eyelashes stuck each other because it got frozen.actually,cold weather is not the only painful thing here,in the other hand,the wind blow very hard till i can't hold it,it is sooooo freaking painn man! i cant feel my hands,cheeks,nose,and i almost thought that i lost my ears !. other fact about russia,herm,about the citizens,are they racist ? yup ! there are absolutely racist.not all of them,but i can say most of them,riots happen everywhere.there are not friendly,and they don't expect too much smile when meet each other.below,is the video of riot happened in moscow recently, on 11 dec.the riot took place only a few meters away from my human anatomy class. if you guys want to know in details of what really happened ,click here

these are some photos i would like to share with you guys ;)

my first snow (control macho,dalam ati excited gler)

at embassy of malaysia,celebrating raya eidul adha

haha,on the to embassy,meanwhile waiting for the traffic light to turn red

in front of my hostel

that's all folks,i'll keep you guys updated.thanks ;)

all praises to ALLAH azza wajal ;)

the test was not as hard as i thought it would be (please read the previous entry if you don't have any idea what test i'm talking about,he3).alhamdulillah.but still,there's some question i'm not sure which one was the right answer.and i think ,Allah make it easier for me you guys want to know why ?! ;D let me story2 to all of you,once upon a time,hehe ,it start with the question number 7,there was a structure of combination amino acids (peptide), and the question require me to determine all the amino acids exist in the peptide structure,i'm super BLUR that time,not all of the amino acids i'd memorize,AND,here comes the miracle from Allah! when i look closely on the question sheet,oh my Almighty Allah !,the answer was already there!! thanks to the previous candidate !! you forgot to erase your answer! alhamdulillah,with the biggest smile in this planet earth,i crossed the answer confidently ;)))) after the test finish,i'm rushing to go outside of the exam hall,to check whether the answer was correct or not,and the result was,correct ! i'm so glad.thanks to Allah,and also to the unknown candidate.haha this is the just an example of peptide structure,and not the question i answered just now

MCQ for bioorganic chemistry

tomorrow will be the test for bioorganic chemistry (objective quest.)
alhamdulillah,my clicks and i did well for the last skill test (also related to the same subject).i hope i can do well in this upcoming test,because right now,i'm sooo not feeling well.but alhamdulillah,there's still some energy and strength to revise all the chapters.

for those of you out there,please make prayer for me,and also to all my friends here,so we can succeed in our study and of course in the hereafter , so ALlah make it easier for us to survive in this freak country,
and so we can take a good care of our iman and amal.

and don't worry,i also ,will always make du'a for all my friends.
insyaAllah,may ALlah bless you guys with the greatest blessing ;)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

winter ~

minus 10
miss family