Sunday, February 6, 2011

4 days trip~

red square

Assalamu'alaikum wrb,it's been a long time since i didn't post a new entry . i've been busy all these weeks. recently,my friend's parents ,zaki's ,came here visited their son , since there were here, we took them strolling around moscow and experiencing the interesting places here.

we went to Red Square on their arrival day here (there are strong, so jet lag is out of the question) we also enjoyed walking along the Arbats Street,shopped at the Babylon ,and we got the chance to performed our zohor prayer at Prospekt Mira Mosque ;) .

the last day of their vacation here were spent at russian museum of space ,and we were a little bit disappointed because all the information and clarifications about satellite, astronomy, and even rockets were all in russian, no English at all. so we just enjoyed the day by viewing all the stuffs without knowing what it supposed to be ;DD .
then, at the evening, we went to spartiv hostel having our dinner there .thanks to auntie and some other friends that cooked all the foods and deserts,it were awesome guys ! . at the end of the evening, auntie and uncle embraced each of us saying good bye and straight away went to the airport with hafizan, hizami, zaki, mundzir, and me accompanied them.
these 4 days were so meaningful as it filled with wonderful activities and experiences . otherwise,i'll just hibernating in my room ;D

p/s : thanks auntie (Mam. Umi Masni) and uncle (Mr.Shamsulbahri) for treating us so nice and warm . feel free to visit us again ;)

babylon shopping complex
(chatting with uncle and auntie)

you guys can see the rest of the photos on FB.


dyba gula-gula said...


miz ruha said...

seronok dpt berjln2,,,

Ayuni said...

hm i heard there red squre is the most hunted place in Russia, is it true?

hana said...

i like ur pic...

Farah said...

Seronoknya tengok gambar kamu ! :)

JP Nurul said...

bestnyer korangggggg!!!!!!

Sunah Mohammad said...

salam doc...tak sihat la...tak dapat nak baca betul2..huhuhu..tengok gambar jek..sob3..pening2~ tido~ daa~~

neesa said...

owhhh...penatnye cari ..
hupenye pic org len..[nie x de kena mgena]..haha
btw.. cool pics eva
sebab ape.. sebab kat sane sejuk.. sekian..

d_LA said...

wahhhhh...bestnye jln2..hope dla leh smpai sana gak satu hari..hehe

|| amira || said...

wow ! gojes !
bestnyerrrr . huhu .
bila la dapat pergi overseas nih .

wah , ada nama masjid 'mira' la. hakhak. kembang . kembang .

suka tengok gambar red square tu . lawa~

|| amira || said...

eh , lagi satu lupa nak bagitau . ada tag award untuk encik kat blog saya :)

C I K . F Y Z A said...

wish could go there too..
one day perhaps..

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