Wednesday, April 29, 2009

yM the KiLLER !

wuhh,,ym was the killer number one of my free time,,but,ym also killed my boring day,,this picture was taken when my online friends were 52/52,,
huhh !,,haha


previously,i used to online until midnight,,sometimes,i didn't sleep until morning,,duhh,,
and the next day,I'll finished my day with sleeping,,haha,,

but now,i'll sleep earlier,because,i wanted to train myself ,to keep away the unhealthy habits,,huhu,,

p/s: some of my friends' pic was blacken for some reason


cik siti penguin said...

knp hitamkan? huu~

black paper said...

for some reason,,

takot kene saman,,


MR...donno.... said...

haha...btol ke sekali 52 org yg on9?...susah nak percaya..haha...killer sngt ar ym ni...hehe

black paper said...

believe it or not,,

thx 4 commenting ya !

ENCheK mOHD faRIs said...

its true??
wat da fish...haha..
sounds weird...seems lyk it can't be happen rite..i mean its rarely happen..simultaneously...hehe..
but,well..who knws....

black paper said...

u the one sounds weird,,

yup,dats y i posted this,,
coz its weird,,