Saturday, April 25, 2009

sneeze and sneeze again

haaachhUuuUm !!

now,I'm catching a flu,,flu and fever are like 'security guards' in my life because,when my fever almost gone,now,flu came to take shift,,haha,,adduiii,,non-stop sneezing,,I'm tired of it,,my stomach
almost cramp cause of it,,I've took clariness,hope it works,,
i ate nasi lemak with sambal udang for my lunch today,,it was soo spicy,The Jelly Monster
inside my nose was so angry,she wanted to come out,,argghhh,,so uncomfortableee,, !!


cik siti penguin said...

flu, without the E

black paper said...

is that so,,
hahah,, i made my own language,,
thx 4 correcting,,

Anonymous said...

and why is your jelly monster is 'she'.?? haha