Friday, April 24, 2009

hari ini hari jumaat

my phone's alarm woke me up at 5.00am,,it was very annoying,my hand wanted to turn the alarm off,my body wanted to sleep back,but,as a muslim,i have a responsibility to perform subuh prayer at the mosque/surau,i forced myself to wake up and i sat for a moment just like always,,
while sat,i recited 'alhamdulillah hillazi ahya na ba'dama amaatana wa ilaihinnusyur',,thanking Allah
for giving me more chance to breath and stand on this earth to worship Him,,

in still mamai2,i heard pak imam reciting al-fatihah,waaaarghh !! I'm late,i don't realised that I've slept while sitting on my bed,,then,quickly when to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took wudhuk,,i ran to the mosque/surau,huh,alhamdulillah,i still can catch up,the jamaah still in first rakaat,because,on jumaat,the recitation was longer than usual(jumaat,imam will recite surah as-Sajadah on first rakaat),

finished solat,i when back home,woke my ummi up,and when straight to the kitchen,make a cup off
nescaffe,,aahhhh,,so refreshing,,
i hoped,today will be greater than yesterday ,, !


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a ahh,,thx gtau,,

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