Tuesday, April 28, 2009

jom,,i wanna share my lil knowledge with u guys,,

do you know,when you take a complete care of your 5 fardhu prayers,Allah promised you something valuable,more than this world,,

complete care means,you
perform the prayers punctually,,

and for men,of course you have to do more,and that was,performing your fardhu prayers at mosque where adzan was called with congregation,,

Allah promised to give us 5 assurances for those care a lot about these 5 prayers :

  1. Allah will put barakah in our sustenance
  2. the punishment of grave will be uplifted
  3. the book of amal will be given to the owner by right hand (sign of paradise's member)
  4. pass the Sirot's bridge as fast as lightning (the bridge was thin like a hair that was cut into 7 pieces)
  5. enter the paradise without any account
hope you guys understand the thing i tried to convey,,if you have any question,just ask me,
i'll try my best to give it a shot,,


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