Monday, April 27, 2009

my beloved ABBU

abbu's (my dad) face showed that he was in a very painful condition,,and i hate to see that kind of face..
he have been in this condition before,but it was long time ago,,now,
the pain on his back came back,,
im so sad and worried,,

just now,i sent him to the hospital,he got x-rayed,,the doctor said that,he suffered sever backage,,
this happened because last time,he tried to move one big pots,,i felt sooo guilty,i keep repeating the same question to myself,,the question was,why I'm not there when abbu tried to move the pots??,,,,,he suffered the pain again because,he carried his heavy bag at the airport,,now,its been 3 days he was in painful,,i cant look at his face,,

i love abbu very much,,so,who ever read this entry,please make doa for him,so he will recover
quickly,,thanks for your pray,,


cik siti penguin said...
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cik siti penguin said...

insyaAllah it will be okay ^^

ENCheK mOHD faRIs said...

relek bro..
jz keep pray eberyday..
its not ur fault act...
diz is god's test..
HE knows evrythn aite..

black paper said...

thx guys,,luv ya all,,

My name is: アンワル said...

sampaikan salam ku pada Abuya..

black paper said...

dah nua,,beliau kem slam balek,,

Anonymous said...

backage n slippery..common mistakes made by people.hehe -miraa-

black paper said...


seriiii !!