Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hantu ........~

wuuuuu ~..

yeahh,,ghost,,i wanted to share some of my ghost story,,

this entry is 100% about me,,

the entry's title is actually pointing on me,because,I'm hantu ais kem and hantu coklet,,

i love ice cream soo much,,eating a lot of ice cream did make mutation occurred in my body,,now,no 'nyilu2' feel on my teeth if i eat them,,was it can be categorized as an improvement?,,
below this is a picture of world biggest ice cream made in china,,
giler kentang tol ,, i wish i can sleep on top of it,,aaahh~

about coklet plak,,if it is cadburry,i can finished the whole bar only in one day,,favourite are cadburry black forest,and hazel nuts,feroro roshei (camne tah spelling die,makan jek tau)and too many more,,huahua!,,sometimes,i felt 'ahak2' at my trachea (hahaha) as the choc was sooo sweet,,

for long journey,I'll buy 3 to 5 packets of NIPS,,non stop crunchyy,,

lastly,,for the end of this entry

i hope,i still have all my teeth in the future when they're someone will call me 'atok'


maizatul. said...

ahahha ~
siyes ohh !
suke icecream juge .
paling suke la cremeria !
shit , gile sedap !
ahah ~
and and !
suke cadburry black forest gak !
yummy .

black paper said...

yeahh !!
ape lagi,,


lulu barney said...

sedap gler coklat;))

lulu suke owww.;)

lulu barney said...

lulu suke coklet cadbury black forest..

best siott..


im stanum said...

i love eskrim n cadbury choc too. and one more, i'm soooo in love with choc cake...almost every week msti beli choc cake..hehe..

if u can finished a bar of cadbury choc only in one day, i can finished it in half an hour. not the smallest one k..haha~

black paper said...

yaaa,,i know u like it,,
becoz,u keep repeating the same
point,,hahhaha,,funny duh,,!

black paper said...


is that so,ok then,we should make
tiny competition,'who can eat whole choc the fastest',,


ENCheK mOHD faRIs said...

yeah...most of da gurlz outside there luv choc bery2 maarch..
i duno wat makes them lyk it..
evn me,oso into it...hehe...
so,,we gain smthn from here..
if u lyk a gal,giv her many2x choc..aftr abt.. a week...u'll c da difference clearly....hahah...
bro,cud u tell me hw 2 print da com screen jz lyk u did here..hope u can make it in ma blog if dats ok wif u....tq..

Anonymous said...

aiskrim yg ko ltk mcm menggelikan..haha~tp coklat tuuu,wat aku jeles!!! haha -miraa-

black paper said...

ko penjeles no satu,,


ENCheK mOHD faRIs said...

bro tq ye bro...
ko memg ensem bro evn ak xtau ko ensem ke x...haha...
jz kidg...hehe

black paper said...

welcome,,my pleasure, !