Thursday, April 23, 2009

aku semalam dan hari ni

hermm..yesterday,my body not feeling so well,,my ummi told me to take
2 tablets of paracetamol,and i took it,,then,about 11pm to 12pm,,all parts of my body
start to sengal2,,and that including my skin,,it used to happen,when I'm starting to catch a
fever,my skin cannot be touch,even wind blow can make my skin hurts,,strange isn't it??
i told my teman tapi mesra ( ;DDD ) bout my condition,she gave me advices,and that were,

1.go sleep ,sleep early
2.get enough rest
3.don't always stay up until midnight

and before sleep,i took 2 tablets of paracetamol like ummi told me to do so,then i slept besides
ummi,,(my abbu was at peninsular at that time,so,i accompany ummi)

and today,I'm feeling much better,,thanks for ummi that take a lot care of me,,and also my teman tapi mesra for the advices,,haha,,


cik siti penguin said...

mcm tajuk lagu sixth sense, hari ni dan semalam ;D

black paper said...

ye ker?? sixth sense to pon i x tau,,
haha,,u bace tajok je pe??

tEddY bLuEbeRRy gUrL said...

i've got the same simptom when i've got fever..
hehee~ geng le kite..^^

black paper said...

is that so???,,jom ,,seppp !

My name is: アンワル said...

xciter dgn aq ko ada blog e....

black paper said...

sorry,lupe la kawan,,

My name is: アンワル said...

ko da lupa kawan.. Haha!

black paper said...

mka,camne aq nak follow ko,,xde link pon,,