Monday, December 27, 2010

folks,,check this out ~

currently,i'm studying at russia,medicine course.believe it or not,i'm staying at one of the top communist country in the world ! peace (^^)v russia is very cold yet windy,perh,sometimes the temperature drop till -25 0_o?? you want to know what it feels like ? just imagine after you take your bath,then you go inside the refrigerator naked,and you buried yourself with the ice.haha ! .sometimes,my eyelashes stuck each other because it got frozen.actually,cold weather is not the only painful thing here,in the other hand,the wind blow very hard till i can't hold it,it is sooooo freaking painn man! i cant feel my hands,cheeks,nose,and i almost thought that i lost my ears !. other fact about russia,herm,about the citizens,are they racist ? yup ! there are absolutely racist.not all of them,but i can say most of them,riots happen everywhere.there are not friendly,and they don't expect too much smile when meet each other.below,is the video of riot happened in moscow recently, on 11 dec.the riot took place only a few meters away from my human anatomy class. if you guys want to know in details of what really happened ,click here

these are some photos i would like to share with you guys ;)

my first snow (control macho,dalam ati excited gler)

at embassy of malaysia,celebrating raya eidul adha

haha,on the to embassy,meanwhile waiting for the traffic light to turn red

in front of my hostel

that's all folks,i'll keep you guys updated.thanks ;)

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