Monday, December 27, 2010

all praises to ALLAH azza wajal ;)

the test was not as hard as i thought it would be (please read the previous entry if you don't have any idea what test i'm talking about,he3).alhamdulillah.but still,there's some question i'm not sure which one was the right answer.and i think ,Allah make it easier for me you guys want to know why ?! ;D let me story2 to all of you,once upon a time,hehe ,it start with the question number 7,there was a structure of combination amino acids (peptide), and the question require me to determine all the amino acids exist in the peptide structure,i'm super BLUR that time,not all of the amino acids i'd memorize,AND,here comes the miracle from Allah! when i look closely on the question sheet,oh my Almighty Allah !,the answer was already there!! thanks to the previous candidate !! you forgot to erase your answer! alhamdulillah,with the biggest smile in this planet earth,i crossed the answer confidently ;)))) after the test finish,i'm rushing to go outside of the exam hall,to check whether the answer was correct or not,and the result was,correct ! i'm so glad.thanks to Allah,and also to the unknown candidate.haha this is the just an example of peptide structure,and not the question i answered just now

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