Wednesday, December 29, 2010

u all decide what title should i use for this entry! ,,hhe

hi guys ,assalamualaikum . how are you? i hope you guys doing superb ;D .
i'm not feeling so well,its been 3 days ,having cold and coughing non stop. i just finished my last physics's test,haha,so funny. i got 3,only because i spelled "planck's" constant wrongly . aarrghh ! such a disaster ! . but anyway,alhamdulillah , all things that happened must have the hikmah behind it . maybe if i got 5 , my nostril will widen se widen2 nyee,,haha,and maybe i'll brag to others. so,its best to get 3 than being a jerk right? . i remembered one hadith stated that,if we have a little brag feeling in our heart,even its soo tiny ,we still have to face the Fire of Hell until the tiny lil brag feeling get burned up and destroyed.

FYI about marking system in russia :
(5 = excellent , 4 = good , 3 = average , 2 and below = repeat la jawabnye,,)

and currently,there was a phenomenon occurred here in russia , all the snow turned to solid ice !.i think,the factor that contributed to this phenomenon was the temperature raised recently,so the snow got melt then it got frozen again when the temperature dropped .

walkways became so slippery and so dangerous yet fun ,hehe,,because sometimes,we enjoy skiing on it.we can see some trees fallen cause it can't hold anymore the heavy ice stuck on its branches and twigs.below i post some pictures taken yesterday . look ,the ice ice baby , ;DD

look,hardcore beb !


MAKCEK bukan NENEK said...

awesome .
cant decide the title becoz the tree ice super cool .
cantik gila kot .rsa mcm candy .heheh

black paper said...

hehe,, super cool isn't it.
the creator must be The Most Beautiful ever since the creation is beautiful enough . ;)

Ummi AmnaAmzar said...