Monday, December 27, 2010

MCQ for bioorganic chemistry

tomorrow will be the test for bioorganic chemistry (objective quest.)
alhamdulillah,my clicks and i did well for the last skill test (also related to the same subject).i hope i can do well in this upcoming test,because right now,i'm sooo not feeling well.but alhamdulillah,there's still some energy and strength to revise all the chapters.

for those of you out there,please make prayer for me,and also to all my friends here,so we can succeed in our study and of course in the hereafter , so ALlah make it easier for us to survive in this freak country,
and so we can take a good care of our iman and amal.

and don't worry,i also ,will always make du'a for all my friends.
insyaAllah,may ALlah bless you guys with the greatest blessing ;)

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