Tuesday, December 11, 2012

kedai mamak kat moscow


i just arrived home from a very hectic day, early in the morning, i went to my microbiology class (fyi : final class after 2 semesters studying) ,right after microbiology class, i had to go to other place for my general surgery class. even though there is a very distinct time gap between both of the classes, it is necessary to rush because the distance between the two classes are a little bit far.

sadly, i didn't do anything in my general surgery class as the doctor that responsible for teaching us had to perform a surgery (i think so,hehe). the class was frequently being postponed and sometimes being canceled as the doctor was so busy.

but on the way home from gen. surgery class, i stopped by at a vegetarian restaurant which was just discovered by my classmate last week, surprisingly they were selling 'roti peratha' , 'kuah dhal' , and other asian cuisines. the restaurant operates with buffet style, so i took a bowl of kuah dhal and a piece/slice of paratha, and it cost 159 rubles which is RM15.9 . haha, expensive but i think it is worth paying.

that's all, till then :)

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Ayuni said...

Alhamdulillah, the essence of Malaysian cuisine is still there...