Sunday, December 9, 2012

haii everyone :)

Assalamualaikum ,

it's almost a year since i lift my hand from blogging.
funny thing is , i made a few attempts to sign in to this account, its been so long , i already forgot the my acc's password .

how are you guys doing ?
unfortunately , i'm not feeling well lately, i had to skip 3 classes due to the fever i got last Tuesday,
maybe because of the extremely weathers change in moscow , for your information, its winter again in Russia ! (every step ,like stepping on flour)

i have new resolution starting from now, insyaAllah , i'll keep write new post again every week, and i hope i can balance with my study time ;)

till then , bye and salam 


akmall said...

well, it is more than a year. But anyhow, good to see you back, at least we know a thing or two about our Doctor to-be here.

No matter what, keep on writing at least, later on, with hectic schedules being a doctor, you can, like, schedule your life.

Anyway. good luck and glad to see you again.


Ayuni said...

Dear bro, I do remember you....from years of me as a student until working now, you are one of the English bloggers that I do admire your art of writing....

black paper said...

wow, was it?,haha i didn't check the date of my last entry, hope my writing always make you interesred akmal , wslm and good luck to you too in all your endavours,,

black paper said...

thanks sis, that was really sweet of you sis, i do appreciate that, waahh, you just give me the spirit of blogging once again ! haha