Wednesday, December 12, 2012

there's more than just 12/12/12

today there are massive posts about the beautiful date 12.12.12 on like everywhere on social network, twitter, blog, youtube, facebook (even though i don't own any fb account, but sure they will be tons of posts regarding today's date) , and don't forget to mention whatsapp, i'd received so many texts "happy 12 12 12 ", well happy to you too guys ;)

so, i decided to post an entry about this date t0o , hehe

living here at Moscow, there's more than just 12/12/12 because today's outside temperature is -12 Celsius , how cool is that, 12/12/12 with outside temperature -12 Celsius  i bet the superstitious people that put their believe on this kind of stuff are now praying like crazy so the world will not ends today .

p/s : for muslim, we must believe that the world will not end till there's not a single person in this world that have faith in Allah. 

“Kiamat tidak akan berlaku selagi masih ada orang yang menyebut perkataan “Allah, Allah.”
(hadith riwayat Muslim)

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Ayuni said...

I'm working on that day....